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The SHINJI HOUSE logo represents the idea of children's dreams for the future and of expressing our thanks to our families and friends.

We want your children to have bold aspirations for the future, and for people to engage in sports and,
in so doing, to remember their gratitude to their friends and family.

We recruited the skilled illustrator Mr. Takahashi to bring to life Shinji Kagawa's idea in this logo.

"May children have great aspirations for the future."

This is Shinji Kagawa's goal for the next generation,
and the skilled Mr. Takahashi has brought that idea to life in the SHINJI HOUSE emblem.

The illustration revolves around the idea of having unflagging dreams that are constant through past, present, and future.

In his youth and into the present, Shinji Kagawa has always had a football by his side -- his goal remains ever constant.

A recent photo of Yoichi Takahashi

Yoichi Takahashi: Profile

Born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo on 28 July, 1960.
His signature work is Captain Tsubasa, which is beloved by fans around the world and influenced many of today's major professional football players.

As part of the Japan Self-Defence Forces' operations in Iraq, he was asked to paint the Captain Tsubasa characters on their vehicles.
He also provided mascots used by the Tokyo Olympic Committee when making its bid for the 2020 Olympics. In this way, Takahashi is active in many areas that go beyond his published work.