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Shinji's Commitment

Have Your Dream

Even today, I have many dreams and goals for the future.
If you pursue your aspirations, you can reach any goal.
I have always felt this way, since a young age.
You never know how or when you will reach your goal -- that's what makes it a dream.

But the key to making your dreams a reality is to persevere.
This applies to both sports and life in equal measure.
I hope that adults and children alike will take this attitude!

Spend Your Time with Your Family

I grew up with my family in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
I used to always kick the football around at a small park in front of my house.

When evening came, my mother would come out on the porch of our building and call out from above, "Supper's ready!"
Then I'd run inside for a meal.
My family encouraged my interest in sports and played with me in the park -- their support is what made me a football athlete today.

I have a simple request to make of you:
Spend more time with your children and inspire them to dream big.

Be it football, baseball, rugby, or any other activity, exercise with your children, work up a good sweat, and enjoy life together!

That is our greatest goal for you with SHINJI HOUSE.

Be thankful to Others

My grandmother always told me to be grateful to others. She said that I owed my opportunities in football to the support of others, and that I should never forget that.

Only when I got a bit older did I understand what she meant.
Through family, coaches, and friends, I owe where I am today to the support of everyone around me.
Today, too, I owe my opportunities in football to the people I work with.

I hope you'll share this message with your own children.