SHINJI HOUSE offers three types of video content.

  • 1. The Football Clinic, where you can take on challenges like football and other sporting activities in an intuitive fashion
  • 2. The Stretch Lessons, which invite you to go out to a park as a family and practise stretching
  • 3. Core Lessons for adults to practise training their core at home

The content is designed for you to work together as a family and watch the content while you train.
Children age three and up can use this regimen, so we invite you to give it a try.

The video content is updated weekly, so we hope you'll look forward to more updates!


SHINJI HOUSE Video Content

Sinji's Foot ball Clinic
Start your football regimen with Shinji! We start with the basics techniques of football.

What are you waiting for? Shinji's football clinic is in session. Let's improve together!

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Family Stretching Lessons
Practise stretching as a family and limber up!

Work together to become a flexible family!

See All Family Stretching Lessons
Adult Core Training Lessons
Hey, mum and dad -- now you can practise training your core in the comfort of home!

Strengthening your core will improve your health, diet, and posture!

See All Adult Core Training Lessons

Below is a digest video featuring a sample of the training content available on SHINJI HOUSE. We hope it gives you a taste of what SHINJI HOUSE has to offer.

The range of video content offered on this site is based on conversations between Shinji Kagawa and his team and was built around the games and training he engaged in as a child, as well as the core training and stretching he performs today when playing overseas.

We want to make this "SHINJI HOUSE" your house -- a welcoming place for everyone.
We heartily welcome your feedback, which we want to use to make SHINJI HOUSE even better.